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Co-Chairman of Congressional Steel Caucus

In the 117th Congress, Rep. Mrvan is honored to serve as Co-Chairman of the Congressional Steel Caucus.

The Congressional Steel Caucus is a bipartisan group of over 100 Members of Congress who represent regions with steel manufacturers or care about the health of the American steel industry.  In addition to introducing legislation supporting the domestic steel community. Caucus members routinely meet with Administration officials and international organization representatives to communicate the interests of the American industry and its steelworkers. 

The steel industry has been central to Northwest Indiana's way of life since the first mills arrived on the Lake Michigan shoreline over 100 years ago. Today, the American manufacturing industry faces threats on several fronts. At home, loopholes in Buy America protections have prevented the use of American steel on infrastructure projects.  Abroad, illegally-subsidized imports from foreign nations continue to flood the market. 

During these difficult times, Rep. Mrvan believes that we must fight for every single American manufacturing and steel job.  That is why Rep. Mrvan has testified on multiple occasions before the International Trade Commission and will continue to fight to ensure that all American trade laws are fully enforced, that Section 232 steel tariffs are continued, and that strong and expanded Buy America requirements are applied to appropriations and infrastructure legislation.