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Supporting Organized Labor

Congressman Mrvan knows that organized labor is the foundation of the strength of the Northwest Indiana economy.

As a Member of the House Committee on Education and Labor, Rep. Mrvan will remain a strong advocate for all workers and labor organizations who are on the front lines of supporting our national economy and our national security.  

The Committee on Education and Labor holds jurisdiction over labor initiatives aimed at strengthening health care, job training, and retirement security for workers. Labor issues in the jurisdiction of the Committee include pension and retirement security for U.S. workers, job training, adult education, and workforce development initiatives, including those under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA), worker health and safety, including occupational safety and health, equal employment opportunity and civil rights in employment, and wages and hours of labor, including the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Additionally, Rep. Mrvan has been an outspoken supporter of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, because he knows that the ability to form unions is essential to continuing to create more good-paying job opportunities and an economy that works for everyone.

Rep. Mrvan will continue to work to support all workers and members of organized labor, and will continue to look for opportunities to advocate for apprenticeship programs, Davis-Bacon wage protection requirements, and the use of project labor agreements.